Friday, February 8, 2013

The Three

Three servants leading a soldier's march 
winning over the people's hearts. 
The first is a Tiger, the leader of three, 
wise and patient forever is she. 
Her sword ever-ready, her eyes on alert, 
ready but careful to keep others from hurt. 
The second a Lion, ambitious and strong, 
charges too quickly but still holds her own. 
Quick to the battle, sword ever-drawn, 
valiant and ready from dawn to dawn. 
The third a Dog, loyal and true, 
hesitant but willing-- a scribe through and through, 
The Orient hound maps out battle plans, 
encourages others with power in hand. 
The Pureheart, The Valiant, The Seeker are they.
 Sent on a mission, always they stay. 
In the midst of the battle, the heat of the war. 
Fighting for freedom, that they will die for. 

[Picture in progress]

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