Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer Was...

This is an old English project. Every summer for the past three or four years I've lost something. Someone. This is from 2010, I think. The summer before, two of my best friends had switched schools. That summer I was going to lose another. So much for anticipation. 

Summer was coming once again. 
We awaited it with anticipation and dreaded it at the same time. 
Summer was a time for dreaming: 
It was laughing with friends or watching a movie together; 
Summer was church camp and seeking opportunities to explore. 
It was a dawn of purpose and ambition rising with the light of each day. 
It was bittersweet candy we savored for as long as we could, because summer was goodbye. 
Summer was a last chance to make up for time lost. 
It was grasping at every moment and clinging on until it slipped through our fingers like burning sand. 
Summer was longing for more time and enjoying what we had left. 
Summer was our hope.

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