Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Body of Christ

Beaten down and broken
Thrown onto the ground
Threatened, whipped, and torn
Attacked by all around
By some who are believers
By some who've turned away
By some who don't know the Gospel
By some who hate His name
But because His body is broken
Because His blood flows out
Redemption emerges from suffering 
And the hope of salvation is found. 

This poem has two meanings. One is the crucifixion, which I think is slightly more obvious. The other is based off of a realization I had a few days ago. There's a quote from Mattie Montgomery, "Christ didn't die on the cross so you didn't have to. He did it to show you how." A lot of people have or will turn from Christianity because of persecution or because it's hard. But we are the Body of Christ, the body that was broken and beaten and torn. We are His hands and feet that were pierced. And because we are attacked, because we are persecuted, His love and mercy shines through us and Salvation flows out to cover those who would come against us.

In Christ Alone.
Leaena Tigris
June 30, 2013

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