Sunday, July 28, 2013

Three Poems, One Message: Walls

W ars are fought  and  we  all choose side S
E very      day       we       risk       it       al L
A nd  we   start   to  see   the   unindividua L
L ike   a    pit      where     lives    a    cobr A
L ike    a    war   where    time    will    slo W
B ringing  more pain  than we  want to bea R
U nable  to  fight  the  fear,   to   push   thr U
I cy caves protect  from  ghosts  that  ech O
L ives    spent    searching   for   the    hel P
D ying       right       in       front       of       U

Wars are fought and we all choose sides
Each to their own private lives
All the emotions carefully stored
Looking for relief from emotional swords
Little daggers that stick beneath the skin
Blood pouring out, pain rushing in
Up go the walls, our guardian gates
In a frantic attempt to run and escape
Lies overcome like sun blocked by clouds
Defenses constructed as others surround
Until this moment, this taste of betrayal
People were seen through a wondrous veil
Out seeped the demons though every crack
Until you first witnessed the white turned to black
Realizing that people would hurt if let close
We build up our fortress to maintain our hope
All the time wishing we could be set free
Let these prisons all crumble, let us see, let us breathe
Let the people join together, that no one might fall
Still our vision is contained inside of our walls

Wars are fought and wE all choose sides
Building cAstLes around our Lives
To harBor the gUILt that we cannot Deny
Unexposed behind the coveruP so carefully contrived
To lOck others oUt we so often tRy
Instead We reALize we're captured deepLy inSide.

Remembering that a friend of mine had once written a double acrostic poem, and feeling I should rise to meet his standard, I tried one of my own. I found that wasn't working out too well (turns out not many words end in U so I had to cheat...), I decided I'd make it a single acrostic. From there I had another idea which is the last of these poems. Three poems, one message. We all build up our walls.

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