Thursday, October 17, 2013


That it would weigh so heavily on my soul
That I'd be unable to let it go
That I'd be so careful in bearing the weight
That I would be terrified of sharing that fate
Of regressing, of failing, of giving up hope
I want so badly to chase it, I want so badly to know
I want to fall into the arms of my God
But it seems so far to run
It seems so impossible that I be forgiven
So difficult for me to become undone
"At the cross of Christ I know
That death has lost its place"
It's so much easier when you're not staring at the pit
That threatens to be your friend's grave
Jesus please save me!
I'm in need of Your grace!
Without You I'm hopeless
And I cannot be saved.
Christ rescue my sisters
Pull them out from the dark
Show them the light You showed me
When you purified my heart
Oh Jesus please forgive me!
The weight that is my sin!
That is the shame of apathy
That keeps the darkness in
Jesus save Your daughters!
Let Your blood cover theirs
Keep the shadows from their minds, dear God
Hold them close and Christ keep them!
My God I trust Your mercy
I desperately need Your grace
Your kindness, wholeness, purity
Christ Jesus I need Your strength
Restore me, oh my Savior,
As I pursue Your loving heart
Jesus watch Your children
And rescue us from harm.

October 17, 2013
Leaena Tigris

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  1. Great writing! Actually, it is more of a prayer. I seriously love this and you have a lot of my respect. Keep it up!