Saturday, March 15, 2014


How can everything be so fine?
How can you keep smiling
And pretending like everything's alright?
Can I even start to count all of the times
That you've stared at me and said
Those very same lies
Like neither of us are afraid?
And when you look into my eyes
Can you not see the fear
Or the sadness or that I'm terrorized?
How can everything be so grandly aligned,
And if this is all some plan
Then where's the design?
And how can you just look at me and smile?
As if you don't feel the hurt
And neither of us is in denial.
The world is cruel and black and cold
And it's ripping you away from me
And I'm scared that I might let go
And I'm terrified of losing you
Just like I'm terrified to face my own soul
As it screams and it cries out
"Just leave me alone!"
....but when you look at me and I sigh?
I change it to one of contentment
Like the pleasure is all mine
And like the pressure is bearable
And like these are not the same eyes that cry
And when you ask me.....
Of course.
"I'm fine."

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