Sunday, May 14, 2017


Night and I have a love/fear relationship
I love him, so
Long as he promises
Not to pursue me
Although he violates that covenant
A little more than
Either of us would like to realize.
He's a little secretive,
But sometimes he'll share
His whispers through the stars
Which laugh like dewdrops
Suspended in space
Dancing along with the cosmos.
Or he'll talk with a breeze
Twisting it's fingers up my arm and
Rushing down my spine in a chill
As we talk together.
Night has always loved hushed tones.
Other times he's silent,
His voice masked by tiptoes in the hall
Glimmering eyes without faces
Suspended in space,
Beasts moving only in periphery.
Shadows reaching out
Twisting their fingers up my arm
Rushing down my spine in a chill
Burrowing unwelcome into my lungs.
Night has always favored the forbidden.

Leaena Tigris
May 15, 2017

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