Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fragments of a new forming Spoken Word

There is now a new microphone
The emphasis of our worlds made known
As words trickle out
From our mouths to your headphones
And the distance we’ve created
Becomes tightly closed
As lives and worlds are intertwined
And my words reach your ears
As your hands reach out to mine
And I learn so quickly to sympathize
Because these words aren’t just words
And these thoughts aren’t just mine.

Our generation, these generations
Have nothing in the way of stopping them
Except themselves, ourselves,
 As we continue watching this in our perpetual apathy
And this kind of confused breed of careless complacency
As we pretend to reach out to the least of these,
Our silence proves nothing more
Than disconnected unbelief

And you sit there
So busily absorbed in your computer screen
Thinking surely what you say
Won’t affect people individually
Won’t affect the community
Won’t make such a difference culturally
That someone loses their identity
Because surely
There is a new realm here entirely
In which these messages are more than fantasies
And there is more to our words
Than some misunderstood reality
But really.
The words that you speak
Can heal or they kill
No one ever really thinks that they will
But they do
They can hurt or they can build
Put up fences and walls
Or raise up those that words have killed
They can break a heart
Or restore a relationship
Make something right
Or draw out the worst of it
They can help someone find the strength to fight
Or they can point out weakness
Make darkness from the light
Or bring awareness to a sickness
Your words could be a rally cry
Or they could slaughter everyone
But really.
These words won’t affect anyone.
Will they?

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