Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I have watched my brothers die alone
I've been sent away from home
I have watched my friends all fade
I've seen the thunder and the rain
It all washes away away
When I've worked so hard to make it stay
It all washes away away
All I wanted was for this to remain

I have built my castles in the sand
I have sculpted all from my own hands
I have written the things I've seen
But nobody seems to truly believe
It all washes away away
I only wanted for this to stay
These kingdoms, these people away away
I just wanted it to remain

I have followed Messiah Christ
I have stood and watched Him die
I was there when He returned
I saw the tongues of fire burn
Will it wash away away
We all hope this does stay
We sit, we wait, don't go away
This we hope and this we pray

I watched the Savior's blood fall down
Onto the rocky, dusty ground
I knew He'd come to save the earth
I knew He'd some day soon return
It will never wash away away
The Kingdom of God forever stays
Never fades away away
The word of Christ our God remains.

1 comment:

  1. "I knew He'd some day soon return"; we know He'll some day soon return. Watching and waiting.