Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Legend of the Shadow Blade

In the fiery depths of Hell t'was forged
That gleaming, glistening, glittering sword
By the hands of a devilish slaving horde
T'was wrought and brought before their lord
The striker blade did sing of death
The master's heart it stole, and breath
His heart it bound, his spirit kept
When first the sword and man had met
His mortal hand destruction brought
And murder consumed every thought
That demon blade many battles fought
And blood poured out upon the rocks
For many years the king did reign
Upon the power of the slain
Their lifeblood gave him life and strength
And their ghosts' voices cried his name
The battles fought, the wars were won
Never set on the kingdom did the sun
The cost made evident when all was done
More animal than man the king had become
The gallows haunted him with fear
His body dangling in the air
A corpse with no life left to lead
A man who'd left his sanity
The gallows did not take his life
Rather the darkness of his knife
For he had died before he'd hanged
His soul was stolen by the blade.

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