Saturday, June 30, 2012


A man walking on the street
Hiding his fear and lonliness
He just lost his job
And is going home to tell his family
He wonders what he'll say,
And tries to think of someone to talk to
No one comes to mind
A man walking the street,
Dying inside
A teen girl biking in the road
Trying to ride away
From her problems-
Her parents that don't really love her,
Lack of friends and hope
They haunt her thoughts
And though she tries to get away,
She knows she has to go back
A teen girl biking
Dying inside
These are the strangers among us
Whose stories may never be known
These people hurt, but we pass them by
As if they never existed
Lives consumed by fire and water
Destroyed by heat and storms
They walk among us every day
Who will care for the strangers?

June 26, 2010

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