Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Voice

A girl lays silent
Staring upward
Thinking despair, unsure of herself
Wondering about her purpose
Faintly, as if through thick fog
A voice calls her name
and "Child-" nothing more
Silence falls, an enveloping cloak
Of fear and mistrust
She looks around, afraid of the voice
Yet comforted by its nature
Nothing reveals itself
The shadows remain still
She closes her eyes
To try to forget
But the voice echoes in her mind
A haunting shadow
Of love and quieted anger
She thinks again of life
Lonely, silent, cruel
And darkness crowds her heart again
"Child, I love you, come home"
The voice returns,
Quiet, caring, knowing, certain
Love itself
Another day passes
And she watches on
As life shatters around her
Fragile glass once beautiful
Now it lays in pieces
No longer the ting she thought
Bruises and brokenness
Ashes in her hands
Numberless haunting sorrows
Drift through her mind at night
Uncontrollable fear drives her life on
But even as she watches
She sees a light ahead-
A man waiting with outstretched arms,
Calling her name again:
"Child, dear princess, come home, come home
I can fix this, fix you, just come home to Me."
She runs to the Man who destroys all shadows
Whose voice calms her heart
Whose eyes have the freedom of an eagle
And whose voice holds the roar of a lion
"My darling, come home. I love you, come home"

June 24, 2010

Just because I write about a girl, doesn't mean it's me. Just saying. For sake of those who actually know me.

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