Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Eternity, Faith, and Christ

Some thoughts I've been thinking
Some things I must say
Before they leave
And these things pass away
Things I've thought in my silence
In the caverns of mountains inside my mind
Things I'm writing down
Of God and of time.
Eternity is often defined by time itself
As a bird carries sand to the sun
A single grain at a time
So long as that takes, eternity will have just begun
Such examples are true,
Yet unsettling at best
I suppose they're meant to be
But I shall explain my guess
Much as eternity is measured by time
It's because time can be measured
Eternity however is not time itself
But the absence of time's measure
To rephrase in different rhyme
Time does not define eternity
But eternity is the absence of time
Such has occurred to me.
It's a hard thing to grasp
A struggle to hold
But somehow it's come
In a way that I state, free and bold
So I grasp it loosely
For man can't understand
Not fully, without being God
Can any creature hold in its hand
But that is my thought of eternity
That matter loosed, I move on
To my thoughts on faith
And those on love
As to faith, it's not a thing,
No feeling that you hold
Not an apparition either
Real, but only in the soul
As if it is another realm
A place and time of its own
That no man can truly see
That no eye can ever behold
It seems to me that faith is within
Not man's power, but a God given hope
Known only by the deepest part
Of man's eternal soul
Faith is said to be a matter of mind
A mental choice if you will
And while that may be true in part
I believe it goes further still.
That what you believe
Is a decision to make
But that believing in something
Is inevitable "fate"
That it is impossible to logically understand
The eloquence of His word
But that it must be taken by faith alone
As out of a tree jumps a bird
It does not know of gravity
has not studied the natural laws
Only knowing that it has a choice
To starve or to fall
And off it will fly
As free as it is
Because it leaped
And chose to live
I've pondered and think
That such is faith
That you take what it is
And in its place
You leave the gaps
To be explained in time
By the One who gave them
Their intricate design.
Such are my thoughts on faith
Complex I suppose they may be
These are the things in silence
That have occurred to me
On to the mater of Christ and love
His loving us
But then our return
Of the love he gives up
An echo in my head
Haunting me today
That I shall summarize
With simple word and phrase
Should we not be
So consumed with Him
That we can't even imagine
Anything else within?
That we'd never dream of being
Anything but His?
Why not so consumed
And thus known as His kid?
That one look at us
And demons would flee
Our old clothes would bring healing
And all would know He is with me?
That He'd so radically change me
That they'd know whose I am
And who is mine
As I hold His hand
Why is it that we are not such
I have yet to comprehend
Though I may not have good reason
I have no solid answer yet
I suppose it is sin,
Our lust and our greed
Our self sufficiency
And convinced lack of need.

Date unknown

I know I could have shortened this, and I know it's long. Maybe it makes sense, maybe it doesn't. But especially on this one, I'm interested to see what you think. Please, be sure to comment if you can. Thanks!

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