Wednesday, July 4, 2012

In The Shadows

I do not breathe the breath of man
I have no name, none know what I am
No one can find me when I'm on my ground
You're never safe when I'm around
Listen to the ground, hear the cities moan
I leap from behind, I am the unknown

It's in my blood
It's in my bones
Dissolving my will
Won't leave me alone
Tearing through my heart
It floods through my veins
Venom like acid
Drives me insane
From the beginning
I've always known
It will never let me
Never let me go

I do not live a human life
I am my own, uncontrolled by time
Devour my kind, ravenous within
I am the place where no one has been
Listen to towers, hear creation moan
I kill and consume, I am the unknown

I'm fiery darkness, always surrounding
Never held back by human bindings
Keeper of the flames, Master of the night
I'm murder within, always I'll fight
Listen to valleys, hear the waters moan
Keep out of my way, I am the unknown

Date unknown

Again, an attempt at a song. It's not original at all, I know. It's a complete rewrite of Lose Control by... guess who... House of Heroes. I guess I was listening to them a lot or something like that. But it's here. Disclaimer: This isn't really about me. I suppose to an extent, it could be, but that's not how it was intended. So just enjoy it. Hakuna Matata.

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