Thursday, July 5, 2012


Going nowhere, driving fast
No purpose, no hope, and no past
Going up and soon back down
Taking yourself around and around
A shadow runs into the middle of the road
No hesitance or fear it shows
Brakes on, brakes on
But you're going too fast
It's not good enough now
As time flies past
Impact, now, you're at the end of your ride
Your world goes black as you collide
Flip over and over, the silence screams
And slowly nightmares emerge from your dreams
Fall through oblivion, slip through the cracks
Begin to doubt if you'll ever get back
Headlights catch the smoke and fire
The flames rise up higher and higher
Begin to feel the burn of the blaze
And hear the Devil call your name
Far away, police lights flash
The last of your breath soon will be passed
Hands reach out, almost too late
They pick you up and unseal your fate
Next you know, in a hospital bed
Bandages wrapped around your head
Arm in a cast, can barely move
Can't even get up to walk 'round the room
Recovery comes, surely but slow
As time wears on you realize you know
You're not going down that road again
Where the shadows make your life nearly end
Once was too far, but never again
Will you risk your life down that road once you mend.

Date unknown

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