Sunday, July 1, 2012

Without a Fight

I can't get out
I wish I could be free
Trapped in this cage
Of endless misery
Where have my dreams gone?
What happened here?
Let me out
I wanna be free
Release me now
I'm not goin down
I'll fight til I die
Won't sit back another night
Don't think I'll go quiet
The end won't be the end of this

Date unknown

This was originally an attempt at a song. Most of those ended up failing. But it's at least a decent poem, so it's here. There was another verse with it, but I didn't include it up there. If you're interested, this was it:

The coldest hour comes
Every drop of blood that's flown
Wins forth their final glory
Death to my brothers, life to their spirits

That was waaaayyy too close to what I guess was the inspiration both for this and for Unending War, which happens to be House of Heroes' song Field of Daggers off their album The End is not the End. If you listen to the song, or look up the lyrics, you'll see what I mean.

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