Thursday, July 5, 2012


I was walking on coals
You set the fire
Let the flames eat me up
And slay my desires
Left me choking on smoke
And breathing in pain
You scorched heart, soul, and mind
Made acid from rain
I was stepping on nails
And you beat me down
I felt the glass in my flesh
When I hit the hard ground
I crawled through the desert
You whipped me with sand
Blamed it on the passing storm
But you brought it on the land
I was coming undone
And you tore all the threads
What once held me together
Put me on edge
The knives carved my skin
And you looked away
You just led me on
Like it was some game to play
Stitched a smile on my face
And sent me on my way
Saying its all fine
Everything's okay
You killed me, my torment,
As I hang from this rope
Your hand held the knife
That finally slit my throat

July 3, 2012

For a series of drawings I'm doing. It's a black ragdoll that's going through each of these situations, getting more and more torn up until it comes apart at the seams. The final drawing is the doll hanging from a rope, a smile literally stitched onto its face as it dies. Kind of dark and creepy but it happens. Be careful how you treat others, you never know what else is going on.

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